What is Your Goal?

What is Your Goal?

Muscle building

What is Your Personal Training Goals - The Inked Coach - Personal Trainer - Westchase FLIf you want to build muscle, it is not only important to stimulate the muscle to grow with weights, but also to provide it with the right nutrients. The proteins are used to build muscle and the carbohydrates to have enough energy and to move the weights. In addition to good fats, vitamins and minerals also play a major role in achieving the best possible results. when you start building muscle you will get the best results in the first 1-2 years if you do everything right.

After 4-6 weeks you will see and feel already small results. Your calorie needs in the form of protein, fat, and carbohydrates must be covered to maximize muscle growth. If the need is not met, it is a waste of time. Therefore, not only training is important, but much more the nutrition to reach the goal faster and without injuries. You will not only look good, but you will also take care of your older age.

What is Your Personal Training Goals - The Inked Coach - Personal Trainer - Westchase FLYour body is your temple and you must invest now before you invest in medications or things that make your life a little more worth living. In old age, the muscles slowly break down and this is why muscle building should always be taken seriously and firmly integrated into one’s life. Here you will learn everything you need to know about building muscles. You will also learn how many calories you need, the macro distribution and, which training will be the right one. In addition to training and nutrition, stretching and mobilization are also on the agenda. This is how we reduce the risk of injury, ensure mobility and accelerate recovery. Your task will be to give your best in all areas and I will help you to get the best out of yourself. You are not only mentally challenged during training, but also in development. It is why it’s important to always have a clear goal in mind and to score with perseverance. These two things are the key to success.

Weight Loss

What is Your Personal Training Goals - The Inked Coach - Personal Trainer - Westchase FLWhen it comes to losing weight, there are many opinions. They are opinions from meat eaters to vegetarian and what it is right. Nutrition can someone be similar to talking about religion. We don’t come to any sensible conclusions. It is much more important to listen to your body and to identify and feel what is right or wrong. All of this is unfortunately very difficult to do due to the influx of too much information today leading to more confusion than a clear view. In addition, we are influenced by our habits, the beliefs that we have stored in our subconscious from childhood, as well as traumatic and fear-triggering experiences. And we follow exactly these patterns that determine our reality. The first step is to figure out what patterns, beliefs, and habits we have before we start talking about a nutrition plan. Of course, we can also just do the whole thing and fight the symptom with a keto diet but the original remains untouched. Therefore, the understanding and the will to expand consciousness are very important to achieve long-term success. Everything we were taught came from believing that we believed that was right and true. Until we question it when we realize something isn’t going the way we imagined. This is where real change begins. It always starts with ourselves and nobody else. I’ll show you the basics of nutrition and make it as easy to understand as possible. For whoever attains knowledge cannot deny the truth.