Training Options

Training Options

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Training Options

Training doesn’t just mean dull training on equipment, some like it the others don’t. It was always important to me to bring variety to my training and to challenge my body on all levels. There are different training variants and accordingly different goals and needs. You are free to choose what you like, what you enjoy and I will take this into account in our training. Everything is based on these two examples; this can be found in CrossFit and other trendy sports but the basis is created from these three categories. This is how the following categories differ.

Functional Training

Here several muscles work together at the same time, as they are needed in everyday life such as carrying a shopping bag or picking up a heavier package. This training is a mixture of your body weight, free weights such as kettlebells, balls, balance exercises, box jumping, resistance bands and, agility training, etc. Not only muscles are trained here, but also the deep muscles that ensure stability and cohesion. It is also recommended if you do another sport to perform better there such as golf, climbing or tennis. This training is also excellent for general fitness and endurance. If you like this training, mention it when you register. I also like to mix trainings; I call it functional bodybuilding. Try it out!

Training Options with a Personal Trainer - The Inked Coach - Personal Trainer - Westchase FL.jpgBody Building

Bodybuilding is the typical strength training with machines, dumbbells and weight bars. This is about training the muscle in isolation and working on a nice build-up of physique. As with powerlifting, strength is not the priority here. Even if this is an important point for more muscle building it’s more about focused and isolated training. There are different training variants from the whole body to individual muscle groups that are trained in one training session. The muscle is stimulated with different numbers of sets and repetitions to build muscle. They are known as hypertrophy training. Genetics, age and gender also play a major role in how quickly and how much muscle you will build.

Training Options with a Personal Trainer - The Inked Coach - Personal Trainer - Westchase FL.jpgIf your goal is to build muscle in a targeted manner, then the training is just right for you. If you want to improve your condition, then I recommend cardio training afterwards, also to burn a few extra calories. The recommended protein requirement for muscle building is 2 grams per kilo of body weight. If you want defined muscles. (Expose the muscle of fat). You want to be shredded and cut, want to see your Sixpack?

There is no such thing as weight loss training! If you want to lose weight, then you need a smaller calorie deficit or an increase in your activity. For more muscle you simply need more calories because more calories mean more energy and therefore more muscle mass that can be built up and supplied. If you have more muscles, you automatically use more energy at rest than with less muscles or just cardio training. If you’re doing cardio, you’re only burning calories at that moment, doesn’t mean you’ll lose more fat or it’s the only way.

Training Options with a Personal Trainer - The Inked Coach - Personal Trainer - Westchase FL.jpgPowerlifting

Powerlifting is about how strong you are, you train with complex, mostly full-body exercises such as deadlift or bench press. It’s more about competitions and who’s the strongest. This training is more recommended for experienced hobby sportier who have a certain know-how and some previous experience. If you compare a powerlifter to a bodybuilder, the bodybuilder may have more muscles, but that doesn’t mean they have the same strength as a powerlifter. There are two different ways muscle stimulations. If you want to work on your strength, you can also find some of these exercises in bodybuilding training.

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