Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Training Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the online coaching cost?

Online Coaching starts from $150 monthly. 3 Month Minimum for $1,500.

How long is a virtual session?

A virtual session is between 45-60 minutes, weekly.

How much does personal training cost and what is included?

The monthly costs start at $500 per month for personal training, includes driving to your house/office or gym. Any travel beyond 10 miles of Westchase may include additional travel charges.

What if I want to work out in a gym?

Costs are the responsibility of the client unless there are other agreements.

Are there any other fees or costs?

Extra fees or costs only apply if something is discussed outside the offer.

Why do you think that coaching will help me to reach my goal?

With my many years of experience as a coach and trainer, with empathy, trust and understanding, for people from different stand points, I stand one hundred percent behind helping everyone who is willing to change something in his life. This is exactly my job and it has become much more my destiny.

What is the time commitment?

I don’t want to lie and sell you something what is not true or possible. To see or feel the first successes you should plan at least 3 months. But the big results starting with 12 month and up. I am not a fan of fast diets and I like to think in a long-term, to bring you healthy to your goal and maintain the hard work you invested.

What if I have injuries?

If you have injuries, this should be discussed in advance and clarified in consultation with your doctor. I do not make any diagnoses and only give tips or create individual training plan for you. We can work around or make it better.

When can I expect my results?

If we want results, we want it now. But unfortunately, that doesn’t work. Too often we get promises from the fitness industry or trend magazines, which promise you the fast weight loss or the fast muscle growth. But for one thing to be clear, you have to understand that this is a process and takes time. With the right accompaniment and guidance for training and nutrition, nothing stands in the way of your goal! The small steps make the biggest step in the end! In the first few weeks it is always fast. You lose a few pounds or build muscle, but it all depends on your commitment. If you train regularly and get to the plan, nothing will stand in your way. One should always consider long-term and realistic goal sentences and that’s exactly what we discuss. If there were the miracle pill, then we would all look perfect. Now let me tell you one thing, you will achieve results if you are ready to tackle it and accept my help! We can learn the most, from those who have already made it! Let’s get you some results!